Hi! My name is Elise and I am a 21 year old student artist at the University of California, Berkeley. I am studying an interdisciplinary major in the College of Natural Resources call Conservation of Resource Studies, which allows me to make a major that integrates my passions: art and the environment! My goal is to communicate nature through art by creating more creative systems of learning about science to help us better understand the world we are connected to.

As an artist I hope to bring people together and inspire others to remember their imagination <3. I explore several mediums such as paint, chalk, children’s writing, and good old pencils and pens, but most of my work recently has been dedicated to sticker/logo designing for organizations on campus. I hope I am someone people hire to really capture the spirit of an organization.

I am more than willing to help with any organization as a designer or creative consultant, especially if it is something related to education or environmental goals! My  Instagram is @treeeelise, and my personal blog, with poetry and journal entries is treeeelise.com.

I officially launched my first artist venture The Bear Cave at 1:13 pm on 2-9-18! We can only grow from here 🙂

Love and peace,



Performing a poem at an assembly in 2015.



Here’s me posing with Yosemite Falls, which I painted on mural in the summer of 2016.