BEERS! BEERS! BEERS! ft. Yogi Bear and Baloo!

This design was originally made for Ski and Snowboard Club Staff shirts (which you can see below involves all these bears in a gondola with a gnome hahah). However, I couldn’t let exclude it from the general public cause it’s just too fun of a design so I colored it and BAM, now it’s for sale!! I


This drawing, from finding the bear inspiration on Google, to orienting them in the gondola, to perfecting their expressions and body positions in pencil then in pen, took about 4 hours over the course of a few days.


Over winter break I learned to screen print and this was the design I used! You can read more about that process here! Definitely don’t learn to screen print under a time constraint like I did haha! Still rewarding though! 🙂

Photoshop coloring process!

I colored in each of the bears, cropped out Gnomeo, and fixed it all up on a new sheet! It took a while to remove the windows and fill in those blank spaces. The initial coloring took about 2 hours and then the re-shaping and filling in took another 2 hours, cause I’m a gawdam perfectionist! To be honest, I’m rounding down.

**funny note! When I use Photoshop, I literally just draw on my computer mousepad with my finger! One day I’ll make a video to show how it’s done 🙂

Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 11.56.12 AM


I originally uploaded this one^^ to the page but the beer and hat on the right side were cut off and there were all kinds of details bugging me so, I went back and spent another 15 minutes to…

Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 12.11.25 PM

quick select the design again on Photoshop, and then paste in a new sheet and fix the little petty details!



All for you, kids! All for you! 


Here’s the FINAL! Which I aggressively titled: BEERSBEERSBEERSFINAL.png





love and peace,




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