Snappa Table Version of King Daddy!


I also got the chance to paint this design on a HUGE snappa table with some friends at the beginning of this semester! (jan 2018). The experience was half fun half stressful because at any chance it could have started raining. I was so focused on getting it done that I didn’t realize how cold my body was until my muscles weren’t functioning properly. We picked up the table and paint and worked from 2:00-6:00 that Sunday, then I touched it up from 2:30-5:00 that Monday. I definitely could’ve finished faster if I came with a better plan/process for mural painting. I was pretty disorganized.

Pintura: Home Depot quarts of acrylic wall paint: red, yellow, blue, black, white. I had a super hard time making brown with the paint I had but it worked out in the end.

Setting: rainy January, Ski Haus lawn. 

You’re welcome Pi Kapp!

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