Go Beers Sticker!

I made the original in pastel this summer (2017) while doodling a ton of bears. This was the first bear I made into a sticker. The original original sketch happened when I was on the plane going to Oregon with my friends at the beginning of the summer. It was that plane ride that I doodled most of what is now The Bear Cave 🙂

FullSizeRender-3 copy

You can find em on Redbubble HERE!


At the beginning of the Fall ’17 semester, I discovered Photoshop! I uploaded the oil pastel picture to photoshop and immediately started transforming him. Go Beers! was my first ever sticker uploaded to RedBubble, from which I sold about 30 stickers that semester! However, they stole all my money! I made $200 in revenue but $30 after all their processing and shipping. Such a bummer!

That’s why I’m selling them on my own now! Go beers!



Here’s SOBEAR, the sober/appropriate version haha:



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